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  Philine Personal Advisory

Successful and Happy, but Still Seeking the Right Partner?

Where do you find the right partner?
Are there still any interesting Singles?
You are well educated, successful and good-looking.
You have a beautiful home, good taste and many friends.
You know the world and speak several languages.
You have a strong personality.
You know what you want and you know what you can offer.

In fact, it seems as though you have the perfect life.
You are admired by many.
You worked hard at you career to have come so far.
But still perhaps the most important thing is still missing in your life.

Would you say, that amongst all the business, the success, and your hectic lifestyle, at the bottom of your heart there is still loneliness?
Would you say, you have not met your real love yet?
Perhaps you would go so far as to say you actually don’t believe in it anymore?

I cannot answer all your questions, but I can definitely help you find your ideal partner.

My Own Experience

I always thought that the most important thing in life was to be independent and to find fulfilment in my job. My only goal was self-employment and the joy of having succeeded in everything that I had dreamed of, but I had no idea of price tag that was attached to that goal. I grew up in Austria, between Kitzbühel, Vienna and Carinthia. I went to an English public school. I studied French and lived in Paris, where I started my working life at Chanel. Over the following years, I moved from one fashion house to the next: Hermes, Jasper Conran and Browns in London. I wanted to have a career and to stand on my own feet. After 10 years, I had my own successful PR agency in London and my clients were luxury goods fashion companies, including Sonia Rykiel, Laduree and Gerard Darel. I had made it. I commuted between London and Paris and my life seemed to be extremely glamorous.

I was so caught up with the day-to-day running of my business, that I forgot to notice the years going by. Suddenly, I realised I was heading towards my Forties, and I had not even come close to meeting the right life partner. Why? How could that be? Was it my fault? Or was it my lifestyle? Did I have the wrong job?

I wanted more from life. I wanted happiness, love, a family and to delve more deeply into the mystery of life. I finished my fashion career in London and went onto the exciting hunt for my life task and my life partner. I have found my real love and I am now happily married. I now know that a harmonious partnership is the foundation for so much personal growth and happiness. It can make you so strong, that you can enjoy your success and your life so much more. Together you are unbeatable!

Take a Positive Step with Us

Since my childhood days, I have known that I have a very good sense for people. I have always taken the lead in introducing friends whom I thought would get along. After careful thought, and encouragement from some of those friends, I decided to take this seriously. I completed a training as a Life coach. I studied Reiki and Kinesiology. I knew I wanted to advise people professionally and therefore I had to be educated in the right way.

Is there a professional Matchmaking agency, that calls itself Personal Advisory, because it always deals with personal matters. Would you say, you might not know who the partner of your dreams really is? Is it possible to find out who you really need or want by your side? Who makes you happy? Are there things that you might have to change? Is there anybody who can advise you on how you should behave? Is there anybody who can simply introduce you to the partner you are looking for?

Philine Personal Advisory might have the answers to your questions. Why not take destiny into your own hands? Call us – and let us show you the way to your partner and perhaps to your biggest love.