Philine Personal Advisory


  Philine Personal Advisory

Are you looking for somebody who ...

... is a Woman of 36, intelligent, a lawyer, comes from a wealthy Spanish family, went to convent school, has a great figure and striking looks, very sportive and likes to travel, loves riding her motorcycle, lively but still very sensitive, loves culture and spends her time in the art scene?

... is a Man of 42, an entrepreneur with his own investment fund, his mother tongue is English, loves good food, lives between New York and Vienna, loves to travel, is looking for his wife, wants children before he turns 45, mostly flies first class, enjoys the sun and the sea, has friends everywhere in the world and is the perfect gentleman?

... is a Woman of 38, tall, long legged, fine, delicate, elegant and individual in beauty, comes from one of the oldest aristocratic families in Ireland, speaks French as fluent as English, works in the fashion world, loves nature and the countryside, seems reserved, has an old-fashioned air about her, comes from a very eccentric family, is extremely kind and loving?

... is a Man of 44, lives in London, loves his dog Dougal and house in the countryside, has a background in media and finance and is now an art dealer, is longing to have a family, has a great sense of humour, very intelligent, well read, a fan of Italy, puts beautiful women on a pedestal and is extremely thoughtful and responsible?

... is a Woman of 36, very feminine and sexy, cares about beautiful clothes, loves to travel the world in style, gets many invitations, is searching for real love, loves to dance and to eat well, knows what she wants, very independent and self-confident, has a good job, has up until now always fallen for the wrong men?

... is a Man of 47, inherited a large estate, is looking for a wife who will revive his castle with him, wants a family and children, never has to worry about money again, loves nature, well read, has international friends, loves ladies who are intelligent and very womanly, extremely generous and spoils his loved ones?

… is a Woman of 43, with long chestnut hair, lives in Vienna, longs to own a farm where she can grow her own vegetables, is interested in the ecological balance of the earth, loves poetry and flowers, extremely romantic and loving, has a dry humour and her own individual style?

… is a Man of 36, has the most heart melting eyes, slender and tall, has huge charisma, is looking for the purpose in life, loves women for their femininity, longs to have his own family, puts love as his highest priority?

... is a Woman of 39, a well known doctor, recently divorced, with two children, comes from a good and loving family, is petite, slim, blonde and very good looking, looks much younger than her age, more of a tom boy, loves the wild life, does everything for her children, spoils a man, cooks deliciously, loves to laugh and is simply irresistible?

... is a Man of 45, next in line to be Managing Director of one of the most prestigious international industrial companies, very ambitious, extremely intelligent, very charming, always interested to experience new things, an amazing saxophone player, has skied down every glacier in the Alps, owns a beautiful chalet in the mountains, loves children, is looking for a the right lady who he can share his life with and who stands strongly besides him?